Dash Disassembly instruction for the 2007-08 Model Wrangler

This tutorial is intended to help those drivers who have not yet disassemble their front dash and install the MYGIG microphone kit from Amerus Technology.


Less than 1/2 hour


Disassembling the dash is a simple task. A trim tool is recommended for initially popping the top bezel and lower bezel but is not required, both areas are easy to access without damage using a simple flathead screwdriver. For an example of a trim removal tool see: http://www.audioassault.co.uk/Accessories/Radio_Removal_Tools/Interior_Trim_Removal_Tools.

Okay, lets get started, This is your dash:


The first thing we are going to do is remove the top bezel. do this by wedging the screwdriver under the rear left and right corners and pushing down to pop the retaining clips:

Once you've popped the clips, slide the bezel toward you to release the front and lift. This will expose the wire connecting the compass to the top bezel:

Disconnect the the compass wire and place the panel on the passenger seat. You can opt to remove the bottom bezel, but its not necessary for this. To do that, insert the screwdriver in the top left corner of the bezel and push on the handle until you here a pop, slide the screw under the seem to the right to the other clip and repeat.


Lift out the bezel and place on the passenger seat... again, it is not necessary to remove this bezel.

Next we are going to remove the two screws just above the radio, and if you would like, the two scres just below the cigarette lighters that hold the panel in place. It is only necessary to remove the top two:

After removing the screws, pull back on the panel on both sides and work your hands down as you go, there are one clips on each side of the radio, another set next to the aire vents and another set inbetween the heater controls and the cig lighter. You want to pop al least the first 4 clips:

Once you've pulled back this piece , you will expose 4 screws on the radio. Be careful removing these screws... I have a habit of dropping them down behind the compartment.. then its a pain to fish them out.

After removing the screws, grab the radio and pull it towards you:

Pull the radio all the way out and set it on the dash... remember there are cable attached to the back, but htere is enough room to swing up onto the dash:

On the left side of the back of the radio is a large adapter. removing this will give you a little more wiggle room to manuever the radio:

The AmeRus Technology Mic Kit plugs into the small center port in between the 2 large ones:

Simply push the connector into place , reattach the large connector and reassemble the dash. Keep in mind that you still need to place your Mic. Figure out where you would like it go and be sure you have the area cleared and the wires run before reassembly. Since Mic location is a personal preference, see our user pics of potetntial locations.

After reassembly, turn your ignition to the acessory position and insert the CD into the MyGig, follow the onscreen prompts and your on your way to enjoying your new mic kit.